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Originally Posted by Mark1 View Post
As Rock stated, assembly the rifle, but put chalk on the op rod. This will transfer to any area rubbing.
I don't need chalk, I already know where it is rubbing. It starts to rub when the oprod is halfway back and continues to get worse as the bolt is pulled back.

Originally Posted by Rock View Post
Have you checked op rod function with the rifle fully assembled? If you have, does it bind or drag at a particular point along its travel?
I have tried it in everyway possible. See above answer to where it is rubbing.

Originally Posted by johnpick View Post
When you are dealing with mil spec parts you can get a rifle with a barrel at one end of the spectrum and a op rod and ferule at different ends and it just doesn't quite meet up. That is what you are probably dealing with and I would work over the ferule and see how it shoots and operates.
True there is some variation from part to part. Particularly when dealing with used parts but that is why I went through a progression of parts to see if it was any particular part that was the problem. I am fairly certain that it isn't the lower band that is out of spec. I am reluctant to file medal off of it when it isn't the real problem. It might solve the immediate issue, but could leave me with a subpar barrel.

When I have the time I will attempt to check if the barrel is straight or not. If not, then I am not sure what I will do. I started this project back in 2015, because I wanted an HRA in my collection and I thought it would be fun to build out a barrel receiver. I have since acquired a better HRA example for my collection. I could replace the barrel, but I built a great shooter at the AMC course and don't need another one. It would be a good experience to replace the barrel, but then I would end up with a rifle that cost more than it is worth. Breaking back down for parts, might be the final answer.