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Originally Posted by jason60chev View Post
I think they should be allowed, because they were legitimate conversions
used for a NATO country, chambered in a NATO cartridge, during the Cold War era. And if the M1Ds are allowed, then the Italian TIPO-2 conversions should be allowed for the Garand match.

But, it's their matches and their rules.
I would not expect the rules committee to change any rules like this out of the blue.
The rules are managed by a committee, and must evolve; that's how they work.
If you think this should be added, then you should take that initiative and get it added. The applicable rule book includes directions for requesting a change, so do that.

If no one requests a change, why would anyone expect such a change?
When the rules were made, consider that not only is it possible no one on the rules committee was aware of such rifles, but as they were recently imported in numbers there simply has never been an occasion for someone to ask?

Mosin Nagant snipers are in the rules, and not too difficult to obtain. 20 years ago they were unobtainable in the US. If they rolled out the VS match then I suspect the M91/30 sniper would not have been included as no one would conceivably have one to shoot.

Every sport, with rules, operates just like this.

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