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Originally Posted by ZvenoMan View Post
All CMP 1911s came from the Army. I would assume many originally served in the other branches but all CMP knows is they came from the Army.
They sort them into the 3 grades.
You may make a request when called, but typical requests are for manufacturer, new or old finish, top/bottom match, yes/no rebuild; something easy to identify without research, charts or disassembly.
If they see a request all they can do is look among the group of pistols in the shipping area (so maybe a few dozen at most?) and if what you request is there, they may fill it. If it isn't there they will pick something of the grade you paid for.

Since "US Navy" is not a prominent feature how would you request it, and more importantly, how would they fulfill it given the process as it exists today?
Think of it like rubbing the lamp. You only get 1 wish, don't waste it on something they can't reasonably fulfill.
Examples of those wasted wishes:
Please send one like I carried in the service
Please send one used by xyz unit in 1944
Please send one carried by an officer
Please send one with all parts correct for the s/n
My uncle served in the battle of the bulge, please send me an all matching Colt never rebuilt so I have one like his

And remember, it is no more than a request; they do not offer hand select for a fee; the only guarantee is it will meet the grade description. so read those carefully.

FYI, those are my opinions based on observations, discussions with many and personal experience.

So you're telling me there's a chance if I request one from the Marine expedition to Vera Cruz?
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