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Originally Posted by condor View Post
So you're telling me there's a chance if I request one from the Marine expedition to Vera Cruz?
Yes, I'm sure CMP can fulfill your order ASAP. I went to Mass this morning, and the Padre guaranteed me I'll receive a 5th Marine Pistoli. With USMC stampings. Thank you in advance: This is more fun than a barrel of Monkeys.... LOL. I had a M1 made by Springfield.... Genuine no B.S. LOL......... Did qualify with M14 1966 Edson Range. Infantry Training Regiment .. ITR. were issued M1s. They ran out of M14s ..... Basically the same rifle except one had a magazine. Preferred the M1. Perhaps May 67, RSVN were issued M16s ... got a lot of Marines killed. Had big problems with this rifle, had a tendency to jam after the first shot.

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