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Originally Posted by DRAGON64 View Post
Dang... I have wanted one of these for a while. Last weekend I went to a match, and parked next to a shooter who just happened to have a nice looking 40X in his truck, and it was for sale!!! I got to hold this rifle for 2 minutes tops before I handed it back to him. We exchanged contact info, and we went our seperate ways... I finnagled my finances and bought that rifle the next day for $850 + $150 for a set of Redfield sites. Kicker is, I can't even go pick it up till next weekend.

Is that similar to the fever you guys get when one of these goes on sale?

I mean, up until 3-weeks ago when I started hunting for an accurate, yet economical shooting bolt action, I never knew such a rifle as the Remington 40X rifle existed...
That was last rounds prices.
Who knows what they will be this Year.
You paid a fair Civilian market price from what I see on the Auction sites.
Have Fun!
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