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Originally Posted by M14 View Post
In the scenario listed, it will still not cause it to ignite. The energy is used up from the base of the cartridge coming into contact with the ejector and spring first. It will slow down very rapidily and not have enough energy to set it off. After that has happened, the extractor will attempt to ride up and over the cartridge base and lock into the cannelure, it will not have enough energy left to do so, or the primer will stop it altogether, no explosion will ensue. The high primer will get nowhere near the firing pin, the bolt will not go to battery without the extractor positioned properly on the cartridge.
yep, I agree, but had given up on this debate as being 'too many angels occupying the same pin-head.'

likewise, and frankly, having spent a good bit of my life shooting "free ammo" myself, I maybe recall a couple of misfire/duds from any actual GI-Issue ammo. Other than that, everything was pretty much trouble free. I think I might have seen ONE reversed primer on some commercial handgun ammo once, but wouldn't swear to that at all. "Careful inspection" of "all" ammo can be a luxury at night, in the rain, mud, sandstorms, etc. especially when it's coming off 10 round stripper clips.

Worrying about an OOB in an M1/M14 (or almost ANY modern weapon) is a fairly complete waste of life-energy. I suspect the actual risk of an OOB in an M1/M14 is statistically LESS than the risk of the Earth being whacked by a giant asteroid. At least the giant asteroid thing has in fact TAKEN PLACE a few times (lol).

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