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[QUOTE=harleydrider82;690084]Rojkoh: Thanks taking my comments in a positive light. I have been off the CMP forum for several years, mainly because it has turned into something it wasnt. Some of the leaders in the M1 research/collecting field used to post here regularly, but quit, due to all the "experts". I certainly learn daily, and I can tell you know your M14s/M1As.

Well, been around them starting with the Devine's. I've been talked into being active and discussing it by a lot of the "old crowd" that actually know a heck of a lot more then the new "experts" (I am being PC here! chuckle). At my age, it's time to pass it on.

Hammonje: Yes, I meant the M1A is is a sub MOA gun. The SOCOM shoots 1-1.5 MOA

No problem really, if it's what you want and it works, bingo!

That little Mohawk was a champ.. never bedded it, just free floated the barrel and settled it in the stock. Worked great.

Happy to help as I can. And you can bet your bottom dollar it's time for the old crowd to step up again.

Hell Ray called me on a couple of things and he was right... I sure don't mind.

But also understand one thing. My orientation is which what I know. I've seen hits with .30 (both '06 and 7.62x51), 223 (actually the military rounds), 9mm and 45. I trust what I know works. Never been one for Vonderveapon or ammo. First hit I saw that came from a 9 shocked me. First gen WW Silver Tip. Great shot, it deflected. Ammo was recalled and redone. We went 1911 shortly there after. The much vaunted "tales" of the .45 aren't true, but it also can't be beat. At my age I'll still stick to a good main battle rifle (tuned of course) although the mouse guns are lighter and a "tuned" 1911. Heck, my main rifle will end up in a McMillian M3A stock when I put the Kreiger on it and that stock is heavier than the issue ones. Don't care, because it works nicely and the mass/cross section of the butt actually cuts recoil.

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