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Originally Posted by Sailormilan2 View Post
I just got a set of Forster gauges from Brownells, and I ran into a similar issue as you regarding the 7.62 NO GO. I ordered a 308 FIELD, a 7.62 NATO NO GO, and a 7.62 NATO FIELD. What I got was:
7.62 NATO........ 1.6455 MAX

Gauge #2 should have been marked 7.62 NATO NO GO. It has the right part number(100-010-715), but the label on the case says 243-308 NO GO GAUGE. But the gauge itself does not say what type of gauge it is, just the caliber and length.

I already have two Forster 308 gauges and they are marked:

243-308...NO GO....1.134"

Both of these should be the proper markings for the 243-308, so I don't understand how the 7.62 NATO No GO could be labeled 243-308 1.640. From what I understand, the 1.640 is actually longer than 7.62 NATO NO GO, but shorter than 7.62 NATO REBUILD MAXIMUM GAUGE. I also think that the NATO FIELD gauge should be marked as FIELD, not "MAX".
I have written to Forster and am waiting a reply.
From all the guages I have collected over the years, .308 win field and 7.62 nato No/Go are the same. 1.640. At least when using Clymer guages as the reference point. Forster has used 1.638 as their field. Go figure. They are all close, but no cigar.
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