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Originally Posted by hmelect View Post
Okay here are the results of my new gauges. The bolt would close on a .308 go , it would close with a "pop" on the .308 no.go, it would not close on a .308 field gauge. It would close on a 7.62 go, it would not close on a 7.62 no go nor a field gauge. So I think I am good to.go for both 7.62 or .308. Right? Thanks Jim.
Yep, as Art said, you are good. Your headspace is somewhere between 1.6355 and 1.636 or so. See how that pop was as much as 1 1/2 to two thousandths now ? When it closed on the Winchester no go with a pop, you were actually forcing the metal to give in to your pressure from your fingers, as much as .002 Closing on the NATO go is a good indication of a fine headspace. It is only .0025 more than factory SAI's these days, and safe for both ammo types. I have seen lots of SAI's with 1.632 have problems with extraction and NATO ammo.

Shoot away bud !
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