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Default Krag Rifle Forearm?

Oh the joy of the hunt! Over the last several months have found two ... both beyond my money! One went for a little over $300 and ...yesterday evening ... someone went all the way up to $485 for a cracked 1902 hand guard.

So ... I got myself an idea. If I could find a drawing or some good pictures / photographs ... maybe even dimensions ... possibly I could take my time and make a hand guard. Given the difficulty of finding a specimen and given the price when found, making one looks to be a very workable solution. It would allow a placeholder until the genuine article could be located/purchased.

What do you all think? Pipe dream? Anyone know of a source for such information?

Sitting here on the coast of Georgia ... with my Krag rifle ... and just needing that little bit of pretty wood!

Sincerely. bruce.
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