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Originally Posted by Panzerschwein View Post
More proof of the insane limits people are going as the M1 carbine hobby continues to skyrocket prices of all things carbine to the stars.

There have been several threads about this very subject already.
This might be the first over M1 Carbine mags as the others have been over the M1911 magazines..........
(IIRC and I could be wrong but the OP participated in those threads)

There are 2 issues here:
- people are using the magazines as a chance to, in effect, donate money to the CMP.
Same reason why an auction for toothbrushes found in M1 Garand buttstocks went up to like 100.00.

-prices achieved at the Auction have not and shouldn't (if you are smart) be used to set prices on "normal" stuff for sale..............

If prices are going up on M1 Carbine stuff lately, it's because of the current situation we are in and new buyers not choosing wisely and buying out of stupidity....... not the CMP auction prices.
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