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Originally Posted by checkmate19 View Post
Steelap , can you find the old posts about the mann builds? Several were done here several years ago. A few were true works of art. I remember one guy owned a machine shop and made a fantastic rifle. Another is one that was reported stolen only to be relocated in the garage a year later. Good luck and keep us posted. I miss watching the builds and the different ideas that were used.
Hello Checkmate.
Most of the old posts on MANN rifles were lost when the old forum crashed. I had copied a few of them and restored them on this forum but you will have to hunt for them. The one you mentioned that was thought to be stolen was mine. At the time it disappeared I had it ready to test fire. However, not long after I found it I suffered a series of medical setbacks. The last one was a stroke on December 26th 2015. I am now legally blind in both eyes but I will get back to the project and load some test rounds and have several friends who will do the test firing. When that happens I will post the results.

Regarding the head space: the MANN rifle was designed to have zero head space. That is what I am adhering to. It eliminates one variable in the accuracy equation. With a zero head space NATO and 308 brass should chamber as long as the brass is first full length sized with a small base die. Once done, the brass will have a long life because there is little stretching of the brass.

I am looking forward to seeing more interest shown on this forum but since all of the guns have been sold, the interest was waned. There ARE more MANN rifles out there but not from the CMP.

My best wishes to all who continue to pursue enhansing this fine rifle.
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