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Default I know, I know, no pictures, it didn't happen...

Received my rifles just before Thanksgiving. It seems the Army firewall won't allow me access to image hosting sites, so pictures will have to wait. I was floored by the condition of the 4 rifles. They are all fantastic. The M44 had near perfect original finish, with the exception of a non-matching (different s/n) bolt that had a black finish. The stock was pretty much the same orange as the replacement birch M1 stocks, and very dry.
The 513T is marked Military Finish, and it seems like the bluing color is about like plum browning. Finish is thin in a band on the underside of the barrel. Rack wear, I'd guess. Very nice stock. It has a non-serrifed P in a box on the bottom of the grip, and "NOPM-61" on the side.
521T was in the worst shape of the bunch, but still very nice. Stock has large "Director of Civilian Marksmanship," and "National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice" stickers on the butt. Had a Redfield 75 block mounted and seemingly hand stamped 4 digit s/n, barrel marked OK 47, and grooved receiver. Blued finish is nice, with a few scrapes and scratches. Long list of patents, and no "Junior Special."
H&R M12 was very nice, with impeccable finish, and a few minor scuffs on the stock. Even the bolt s/n matched. Not as hideously ugly as I was expecting, but the lack of ergonomics to the stock is strange. It doesn't seem like it would have taken any more time or effort to come up with a shape that fit the human body. I can't imagine the stock being comfortable in any natural position.
I have been nothing but pleased with all the CMP purchases I've made over the last year. What a fantastic organization!

Only able to shoot one of the 4 so far, since I'm still waiting on sight parts and magazines, but the Mossberg (with 130 sight and screws I cobbled to fit) routinely shot 5 rounds of Automatch (only ammo I tried) under a nickle at 35 yds. I'm sure with better ammo and a better shooter, it'd be hard to beat!
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