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Originally Posted by Darkside6 View Post
Nice job, how did you clean up the bolt and other metal?


Thanks, this rifle wouldn't even release the firing pin, the trigger was resting against the trigger guard, and the safety wouldn't work either, also the stock had some serious dents and scratches, but no crackes, when I received it from the CMP.

First of all, I completely disassembled the rifle and gave it a good cleaning.
I wet the parts good with WD40 and used some steele wool and a wire brush to remove all of the rust that had built up on the bolt parts and the barreled receiver and trigger group. It did leave some dark rust stains on the metal surfaces.

This rifle had been parkerized at one time or another and had scratches in the parkerizeation. So without removing any more of the finish on all of the parts, I used a cold blue to touch up any and all scratches, but only applied a single light coat of cold blue. It darkened the parkerized receiver and barrel some what but not much and it made the scratches blend in and almost disappear.

The bolt had a different finish and for some reason would not take a dark cold blue, but it also turned a little darker than it was. I liked the results so I didn't do anything else to it.

The stock, well I completely removed the old finish and steamed as many of the dents and scratches out as I could. Those that wouldn't disappear, I simply left and didn't try to sand out. There wasn't many left after steaming the stock. I applied about 5 or 6 coats of hand rubbed BLO.

I had bought this rifle to be a Christmas gift and had to really hurry to have it ready in time for Christmas that year. The young shooter that now has it, loves that rifle. It turned out to be a nice accurate Rifle and was worth all of my efforts.


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