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Default 1-719-315-0964

This number responded to my WTB post I created today. Said he had a remington stock and sent pics. First thing I did was Google the number which returned hits for scamming others on WTB forums such as Allis Chalmers..I think thats how its spelled? Anyways, next I did an image search on the images and it returned multiple posts, none of which were current or linked to this burner number. So I decided to play along for about 2 hours, asking more questions that I knew they could answer easily but I got bored and finally agreed to his inflated price. When he thought we were getting close to closing the deal, I told him I need additional pics of the marks or cartouches on the stock AND his cmp user name so I could p.m.him for "verification." That was about three hours ago, crickets since then hehe. I have too much time on my hands. I wish we had the ability to post these scam warnings IN the thread in which we were contacted so that others may see it instead of here, where it may not be seen.
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