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Default Federal Brass...NON M1 Rifle Thread

Comments here have nothing to do with reloading for M1 Rifle. I am commenting on bolt action rifle and 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor caliber with use of Federal Brass.

I am singling out Federal brass because its the worst offender

a. Primer pockets stretch to point of uselessness at , usually , 3rd to 4th reloading of case.

b. Volume of cases is all over the planet. Thus pressures will vary and thus accuracy of groups get wider...and you get weird flyers. Gets to be a wasted effort to use federal cases for precision shooting at 800 / 1000 yd lines at sub MOA targets. Not talking scores on big targets !!

c. Neck Tension: Federal cases seem to be , even if from same lot #, to be of brass alloy composition which has huge variances. Spring back after re sizing is all over the map. Yes, annealing helps somewhat but still , take 100 cases from same lot # and properly anneal them, you can feel inconsistency in neck tension when you seat bullets and you will see that in group size at 800/1000 yds. Compare to same lot # Hornady brass...far better neck tension and ammo loaded in Hornady brass always outshoots ammo loaded in Federal brass.

This is my experience in 6. 5 Creedmoor and 308 Winchester caliber reloading for precision rifles in KRG chassis. I have tried to make Federal brass work but its a pure waste of precious components and reloading time. This is my experience the last 5 years ...I won't use Federal brass any longer. Gave it a good long go but no cigar.

and yes...I even weighed my Federal Cases and culled by weight but still, the neck tension variances plagued performance significantly for long range shooting.

Before the world went insane on components , 4 years ago, I was talking to a proven national level champion F Class shooter who only shoots Lapua brass. I commented at the time it was 80 dollars per 100 cases (308 Win caliber) and prohibitive in cost. He explained his Lapua cases lasted 10 reloads and at that point, he tossed them into the practice brass bin for reloading. At 8 cents a case per firing and to gain nil variances in case volume and nil differences in neck tension (after annealing), I learned a valuable point...8 cents a shot for Lapua performance brass is in fact economical and not cost prohibitive. I have yet to make the leap to Lapua bullets , I am okay with a few less molecules of accuracy my culled production grade bullets achieve. Why...because mirage, winds and my steady hold of rifle accounts for more inaccuracy than any of these bullets could bring to the table. 2-3 inches less accuracy at 1000 yds than Lapua bullets , its not worth my money to bump up to Lapua bullets ...nor Bergers. Now if I were shooting Accuracy International rifles, which are laser beams, I'd see a ton of advantage to Lapua and Berger bullets. As soon as I have a fleet of Jaguars and AI rifles, I'll be using Lapua / Berger bullets.
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