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You will get no argument from me. Have been reloading rifle and pistol ammunition for 40 years. Have used all manner of brass. Always had good results w/ US domestic production. Shot a lot of Fed., Rem., Win., etc. No problems.

Bought 100 Federal Gold Medal Match .308 Winchester brass to use with a nice Rem. 700 SF-VS. Also had a little over 200 Rem. cases. Plan was to use the Rem. for practice, etc. and use the GMM for more serious shooting. That did not work out. Got only two reloads from the GMM brass before primer pocket expansion rendered them scrap. The load was a 150 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip and slightly more than a starting load of WW-748 as listed in the Speer No. 10 manual. I routinely got many multiple reloads with the Rem. brass. Same for Win. brass. Later ran into similar problems with .30-06 Fed. brass. Don't understand why this has happened. Sincerely. bruce.
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