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Originally Posted by jason60chev View Post
Hey, John....not quibbling, but this is taken from a serial number by year document, from ViShooter website. The last two entries ofr 1939 and 1940 has you referenced:

1939 Jul 1 - 1525594
1940 Jun 30 - 1536285 Last known serial number struck - substantially higher numbers are mis-strikes (Beard)
High probability that 1536285 - 1536325 is the range of last serial number struck (Beard)
General Hatcher, former Chief of Ordnance, reported in "Hatcher's Notebook" that he contacted Springfield Armory and they told him the last M1903 serial number struck was S/N 1532878, which was struck in October, 1939. But I had S/N 1535291 in my collection, and that triggered an investigation. I compiled a spreadsheet of serial numbers and the last serial number I found was S/N 1536285. The results of my investigation were posted to the Vishooter website, which you quoted above.

If I assume a reasonable rate of production and do the math, S/N 1536285 was likely struck in very late 1939. But the Springfield Armory annual report with the last receiver production extended through 30 June 1940. So the documentation was cited on the Vishooter website as the termination date for receiver production.

The exact date when receiver production ended is not known. Feel free to choose whichever date you like.



The last rifles assembled at Springfield Armory were in the S/N 1,530,xxx range or less. All receivers beyond that range were turned into Ordnance Stores as spare parts.


I found S/N 1532877 while inspecting rifles at the CMP last year. Watch for it on the auction.

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