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Default Received my rack grade M1911A1 today.

First I want to thank the CMP1911 staff for such a fine pistol. I ordered the pistol from Hope, very professional and nice to speak with. The whole process from January till now was handled without incident.

The pistol I received is an 1944 Ithaca frame and slide, with no depot rebuild marks that I can find. Some holster wear and handling and use wear, nothing major. This pistol is most definitely NOT the stripped finish, broken handgrip, beat up sights, rust bucket that I feared would show up at my FFL.

I donít know how it got graded as rack but I would buy them like this all day long if I could.

I have not disassembled or looked at it with the magnifying glass,,,yet.

Again, many thanks to the CMP1911 group for this program and such a wonderful piece of U.S. history.

Will update this thread with more information as I find it.


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