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Originally Posted by Quarterbore View Post
How many rounds do you shoot a season? Can I buy your old wore out barrels Unless you are starting out with rack or possibly field grade barrels and shooting semi auto I donít see how anyone can wear out a barrel in a year. How are you deciding to replace, headspace gauges ME, TE or something else?

For me I donít really consider a new barrel broke in until Iíve got a thousand rounds in - ok thatís perhaps an Exaggeration - but seriously a barrel with a thousand rounds is like new.

Itís your money but like I said let me know where your leftovers are going as I bet they are better than anything I am shooting.
I shoot 4000-5000 rounds a year in high power matches and practice. Usually right around that mark, 600 yard accuracy starts to drop off pretty quickly, when you start with a cut rifle barrel. Button barrels only give about 3000 rounds of 600 yard accuracy.

Most competitive service rifle shooters use the same benchmarks. We shoot a lot of rounds, half of them in rapid fire strings, and barrels get replaced every season.

I do sell the used ones. Usually about 100 bucks. And they still hammer at 200 yards.
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