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Question Question/Survey - Do you use one copy of NM Collector on multiple operating systems?

Currently, with NM Collector Software JE, you can plug a USB with the software in a Windows computer, make changes, and then plug the same USB into a Mac computer and make more changes. All changes are written to the same database on the USB so they look the same no matter what operating system you run it on.

In my proof of concept for my new NM Collector Software CP program, I am learning that with the more stringent Apple requirements for web deployments, it will be very difficult for me to have one program that can be run from a single USB flash drive on multiple platforms. I can provide a program that can be run on multiple operating systems but not update the same data across operating systems (unless I deploy the database to the cloud which I am not willing to do since it violates my intent to ensure your data is secure). Of course, I can come up with a way to synchronize changes across operating systems if needed.

So, my question/survey is, how important is it for you to be able to run the exact same program with the exact same data on any Operating System as described in my opening paragraph?
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