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I like the clean look of the CP software and the functionality so far. I also like that any changes made are automatically saved without the need for a prompt or popup.

One issue I'm having is when selecting a main item on the home tab or different tab at the top while viewing an item, the program appears to quickly close and reopen (disappear then reappear) including down in the taskbar. I'm using the Linux version fwiw.

A couple of feature requests I thought of while skimming through the default items

1 - Would it be possible to remove or hide unused or unwanted items. For example, under the Desc tab allow the user to remove/hide the Head Space or C&R? lines (or any other line) on any specific firearm.

2 - Start the empty Condition Comments and Notes field sizes smaller. Maybe 3 or so lines in size and then automatically grow in size while typing like it currently does.

Also, are you going to provide a way to import the database we currently have from the old JE version?
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