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a.k.a MANN Accuracy Rifle

I would like to revive an interest in the MANN Accuracy Device. I do so hoping that future purchasers of this rare and historical machine will appreciate it even more. I have no way of knowing how many unaltered MANN barrels still exist in the CMP inventory. Most purchasers see these as potentially accurate rifles but only if they are modified. I see them at the ultimate accuracy rifle as long as they are not modified. I own two of them and have no intent to destroy them as they were designed and hope other purchasers will follow me. Many threads on the MANN Device were lost when the old CMP Forum software crashed. A few new threads have been posted since then

The mystery of the MANN Accuracy Device explained.
Dr. Mann: Father of Ballistic Science by: Warren Sipe (1960)

Other references -
"The bullet's flight from powder to target" is a 384 page, 14.3 megabyte document by Dr. Franklin Weston Mann.
A PDF version can be read or downloaded from at the following link :
NOTE : This a very large document that is best viewed after being downloaded to your computer hard drive. If you page through it from the Internet you will get bored very quickly waiting for the response.

Hatcher's Notebook - Julian S. Hatcher, Major General, U. S. Army, Retired in PDF (629 pages, 91.8 megabytes) see page 511

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