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Originally Posted by Hacker View Post
So, if 5.56 rifles may be sold by the CMP, does this mean the door is open for M-16/M4 parts and parts kits in the future?
Correction - It is NOT a rifle. it HAS NO SIGHTS and NO STOCK. It is a ammunition testing platform chambered for the .223 NATO. I cannot speak for the CMP but past history tells me that you won't see anything in the 5.56mm from the CMP, ammunition or weapons, until the military has replaced it with something else. In the past that did not happen until after the countries they leased or gave them to were also finished with them. What is extronairy about this is, it is the first 5.56 MANN Accuracy Device to pass through the CMP (that I know of). I don't know what significance to place on that. Perhaps the military now has a better method of testing ammunition and no longer uses these fine machines. If that is true there may be more of them to come, or there may not have been many of them made and this one was a left over after the others were worn out. At this point it seems to be a rare one-of-a-kind find.
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