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Originally Posted by pearyw View Post
Que is the guy everyone with 22 rifle problems in my gunclub goes to here in NW Alabama. His work is great. He just finished correcting some problems with a friends Anschutz 54 that he bought from CMP. It is really shooting well now. If it needs a barrel, it will be well worth it. Most of the 40x rifles I see in top benchrest competiton have been re-barreled.
Got a call from Que this evening... He states that the bore is not necessarily hurting the rifles accuracy, but it is certainly not helping either. The first round of inspections were and results were determined by slugging the bore. In short, the barrel slightly opens up at about the 14" mark and continues for 3" before tightening back and staying uniform to the muzzle. The muzzle needs cleaning up, but Que says that it really is not all that bad. It does have wear from cleaning rod damage, so some clean-up is in order. With a bore scope, he looked at the chamber end and noted that a step or two had been cut into the chamber, but the round seems to fit nice and snug. He also noted some scoring from years and years of rounds being fired down the tube.

He is going to check headspace and then work his way from the action to the stock. There is nothing definitive yet, but I believe he will make the rifle accurate again... he just wants to be able to narrow the problem down.
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