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Originally Posted by kraigwy View Post
. . I'm sure this device will help me develope the best ammo for my White Oak Service rifle.
I think I'm hooked. Now I have to get one of the 308/1903a3 devices.
If I can find a couple good acitons, I just might try to make my own in some other caliber. I'm thinking of a good fast twist 270 Win.
But thats after I learn the ins and outs of these things.
Kraig - That close-up you posted on Old Chief's thread is great.

From the looks of it I suspect the collar is actually a physical part of the barrel. I have not seen a stainless steel collar on any other MANN barrel before yours. It may be removable but it would be little additional work to machine the collar as part of the barrel blank. If it is removable you would have to replace it with a spacer to keep the head space correct. In any case, I think you should be able to put it "as-is" in a broad stock that is inletted for that receiver, place a scope on the pretapped receiver and fly with it. As for bedding the barrel, I think you can let that collar rest in the stock and float the rest of the barrel, just bedding the muzzle. I have no knowledge of the bedding process but looking at the old MANN testing photos using dount bearings and a "V" block, the barrel only made contact with the "V" block at two points and that is bedding.

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