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Originally Posted by kraigwy View Post
I just went out in the shop and looked again. It sure looks to me like machined with the barrel.

As you can see the Rem action doesn't have the recoil shield, so I'm thinking I'd have to use the donut instead.

Yeah, I was planning on free floating the barrel, but I don't know that I need to bed the muzzle thought.
I'm not sure what you mean by "recoil Shield". The tang & bolt on the rear of the receiver and the bolt at the front absorbs the recoil, but your barrel is so massive it probably doesn't even need that. (another great pic stolen from Old Chief's thread.)
The threaded end of the barrel at the receiver end was never intended to support that weight. You do need to support the muzzle and float the barrel. (Just my ancient engineering mind at work.)

That receiver is pristine. I think you did say it was tapped for a scope mount, didn't you?
By the way, the date stamp on the previous pic (01/01/2010 00:03) means you haven't set your camera clock yet or it's not your MANN.

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