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Originally Posted by tjtorborg View Post

I know what you mean but August is a little busy with the Nationals at Camp Perry. Sept is out because other clubs in MN wanted to try this style of match so we didn't want to step on them. October is possible but by that time of the year I'm usually ready to give it a break for a while.


Hopefully those other clubs will post their matches here as well. Don't think I'll be making Perry this year yet (antelope instead) so I need all the local events I can get.

Also, if anybody in the W/N metro wants to get in some march practice in this format, drop me a post, I'd love to spend a range day either with cf rifles or rimfire/airgun. I've got a big stack of 100yd reduced SR1s now and a new jacket to warm up. I can shoot 100 yards at my local club and bring 2 guests. If anybody is lurking out there and doesn't know if they want to commit to a formal match, I've got a couple of loaner as issued bolt guns and ammo to shoot in a match or for practice. Let me know, I'd be happy to help.

Looking forward to shooting all of these and apparently I'm losing to some pretty good riflemen.
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