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I've got four 1903's that I haven't ever shot yet. It's just that we've got 14 horses around here and I'm concerned about upsetting them with the noise as well as rounds going through back stops and bouncing off of things. The rifles are all of WWI era and are all correct, original and have never been updated with replacement parts. How in the world they managed to get through all of those years and WWII with their original parts and wood is a mystery. But, they did. I'll post some pictures later if anybody is interested. I've thought about getting a Garand and I should. I've owned two before that were from Korea via Blue Sky back in the 80's. Sold them long ago. Haven't shot a Garand for over 27 years. Now my eyes are older and I wear tri focul's. That's another reason that I haven't fired my 1903's. I still like to take them out of the gun cabinet and wipe them down once a week or so however. Anybody else own any 03's?
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