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Finally got to shoot this beast today in an any/any MR(600yd) match.
6 shooters in F-class. I placed 3rd out of the six. One who shot better than me was shooting an F-open rifle in 6.5X284and the other one was shooting a 6BR in an expensive action I didn't recognize.
I was beat by 586-25 and a 589-28. I shot a 578-16.
Overall I'm proud of the rifle. It did very well considering it had six inches less barrel than the other two and is using a 66 year old action.
The match was at Buffalo Creek outside of Bailey Colorado. It is an awesome place! The official name is Camp Fickes. It should be called Camp Fickle winds. I looked down more than once and the wind flags were pointing three directions.
Couple of pics of the range

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