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Default I know everyone is planning for Perry but.......

I'm reaching out for your help to help get the word out on the upcoming CMP games in late August at Harris,Mn

The current preregistration numbers are very low at this time. I did offer the explanation that here in the mid-west most ranges rarely fill up so most folks just don't feel the need to preregister. The problem is in this case is they really need to know how many personal to bring and how much stuff to bring up in the CMP mobile store.

So if you could please get the link posted on your club web page and in your blogs and ask people to please get signed up today to insure that they bring the correct amount of people and goodies in the mobile store!

And as a reminder, even if you don't shoot over the course any more, you can also shoot the rimfire sporter event or try out the pistol events!

Please help get the word out today and ask every one to do there part in supporting the CMP games and get signed up today.

Thanks for all your help!
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