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Originally Posted by steelap View Post
It looks like there is a number written on the white bag. I don't think it is 2784746 (although it is very hard to tell).

I wonder if someone switched it out for the D some time when it was it was in storage?

Wouldn't there be a number on the box, as well?

Mistakes do happen. The CMP let very rare rifles slip through their fingers at least twice - they sent an Irwin Pederson as an Inland (apocryphal - a thread from the last Forum that I saw pictures from but never verified), and am M1903 Mark I that did not have the extractor hole milled in the receiver. That one is in my safe!

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The bag number does match the rifles serial number but it is no M1-D. Looks like someone failed to install the block when it went thru the process.
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