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Originally Posted by Scott_OH View Post
Hoping you all might be able to provide me a bit of insight on building a competition rifle too - I decided to go look at WOA uppers, and was considering their 20" service rifle one here:
but....the weight is 7.38lbs, and I don't see how I can build a complete rifle under the 7.5lb maximum the CMP rulebook states for the requirements of a Category A Modern Service Rifle. What am I missing?
Are you looking for a service rifle to shoot across the course events (200-600 yards) or a modern military gun for CMP Games (200 yards)? they are different. You'll note there is no weight limit in service rifle and White Oak and Compass Lake service rifle uppers are built with that in mind. You want the CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rule book, not the CMP Games rule book. A gun meeting the category A criteria is going to be a "fun" gun, not a current highpower competition gun.
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