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Originally Posted by Bwcritch View Post
Thanks guys for the input. Yes reloading will also happen as I go. I have been reloading/helping reload almost my entire life, so I absolutely understand the befits when you're trying to get that last little bit out of your rifle.

Grey, you mentioned White Oak, and I have been looking at their uppers, but I have also been looking at the RRA CMP uppers & rifles, is there one better than the other in your opinion? If so would you mind elaborating? Thank you.
You can't go wrong with either choice. However, RRA only (used to, I may be wrong) offer a 1:8 twist barrel. Nothing wrong with that but if think you want to shoot real heavy bullets you might want to look into a 1:7 twist. (You can request what twist you want from whiteoak) That's really the only major difference between them. Both are quality.

Depending on your skill level, I wouldn't get too wrapped up in that your first year. Put your resources into ammo and shoot whatever barrel you choose, ALOT.
I'm in my 3rd season of competition and this season will be my first in actively chasing points. I burnt one barrel out going from sharpshooter to master
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