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Originally Posted by dw617 View Post
It sounds like you may have answered your own question.

The Games matches tend to be more laid back and more accessible to new shooters.


What rifle(s) do you plan on shooting?

Hope this helps.
If I do the games matches, I would shoot m1903a3, Garand, and Modern Military. I came within 1 point of the Bronze cut with 1903a3 and 5 points with MM last month without a shooting coat. So hopefully, with a coat I will do well enough to bronze in those.

If I shot the EIC or 800 agg, I would use my Rock River NM with optics.

I think the games matches are the way to go for me this month. Would be nice to notch good results there before stepping up to 600 yards. I did shoot one 200/300/600 match following SAFS 2 years back, and did not embarrass myself, but I rarely get to shoot over 200 yards.

The drawback is that I donít see any more Camp Perry matches that go out to 600 yards other than the National Matches, and I canít make it to them this year. I do have a neighbor who shoots at the Zanesville high power matches, so I might try and tag along with him sometime.
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