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Originally Posted by AWOhio View Post
If I do the games matches, I would shoot m1903a3, Garand, and Modern Military. I came within 1 point of the Bronze cut with 1903a3 and 5 points with MM last month without a shooting coat. So hopefully, with a coat I will do well enough to bronze in those.

If I shot the EIC or 800 agg, I would use my Rock River NM with optics.

I think the games matches are the way to go for me this month. Would be nice to notch good results there before stepping up to 600 yards. I did shoot one 200/300/600 match following SAFS 2 years back, and did not embarrass myself, but I rarely get to shoot over 200 yards.

The drawback is that I donít see any more Camp Perry matches that go out to 600 yards other than the National Matches, and I canít make it to them this year. I do have a neighbor who shoots at the Zanesville high power matches, so I might try and tag along with him sometime.
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