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Default J.W.A. I have my rifle in my hands and have questions as to which one I need...

I got a heavy barrel 40X from the North Store. Beautiful rifle, I am very pleased with it.

However it appears to be a commercial model as it does not have the US marking on it anywhere. My .22 martial rifles book says the Army ordered both US marked and commercial rifles so I suspect mine is commercial. Stock is varnished and looks commercial, blue is very deep.

Mine is serial 365xxB. It has a long rail on the underside of the stock with a cut out opening in the front.

I have found from an east coast gun ship a small 40X handstop that looks like your picture with the flower petal design on it. I was thinking that is what I needed. Is that correct or do I need the larger one? I am really confused!!

THanks for your help.
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