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Default New MyGunDB version announcements

v1.97 released!
* Maint tab can use decimals in price
* Additional GunBroker backend integration added -- not available till next release or so
* Add-on framework implemented to help make future addons easy to integrate. Wait till you see what's coming
* Fixed window size of Macs so it restores properly to the previous size when starting program.
* Button added to Settings to enter registration information as per user feedback
* Basic framework for integrating with ammo search engines implemented on backend; Not available yet but testing background process
* Registration system changed internally to work with an automatic key generator I'm working on.
* Symbol on General tab's ammo display corrected to show for Reloaded ammo and not factory
* Altered minimum window size to better fit certain desktops
* Delete button on Maint tab no longer returns error if an entry is not selected first.
* "Encrpyt Database" button renamed to "Set Database Password", since the DB is always encrypted
* Pre-Ban checkbox added on Stats tab
* Capacity field added to accessories
* Magazine checkbox added to accessories
* Users can optionally select to send me anonymous debug analytics about the program
* A header now displays Totals like the printout does on the Finance Report preview
* Fixed issue with search dropdowns not closing if you delete the selected text
* Insured value displays properly when no value set
* Serial now displays properly as a field when importing .csv files
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