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Default Couple of questions before I buy

I have read all the posts about the Manns and my father and I are thinking of getting one on Wednesday. We have a stock maker we are thinking about getting to turn us a full stock for it. I have a couple of questions though.

1. Has anyone put a Timney trigger in one and do you recommend it? We aren't going to shoot competitions, just want it accurate.

2. Ammo- If I understand this correctly from reading posts here, surplus ammo chambers fine, but there could be problems chambering reloads because the chamber is tight? If that is the case, would .308 be better? ( From my understanding the difference between 7.62 and .308 is that 7.62 has an OAL that is just a longer than .308)

3. I read that a couple of people said that the barrel isn't long enough to shoot 1000yds. It seems to me and I am no expert, but it is only .5" shorter than a M1A and 2.5 inches shorter than a M1903 and A3 is it that big of deal? COuld you just use a faster burning powder?

Thanks you
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