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Default MyGunDB v1.99.7 Released!

A new version, 1.99.7 is out with a number of tweaks and new features:

* Added Documentation tab - Lets you use Notes, Misc and History text fields and add any files you want linked to a firearm (reciepts, manuals, whatever)
* Serial field highlighted properly
* Clicking accessory on General tab opens Accessory tab properly
* The Person field in Searches now also searches Owner and not just the Bought From and Sold To names
* Removed rotating ad from Deals tab
* Right clicking the Subtract ammo button on Ammo tab now will ADD ammo instead (and not modify round count for firearm)
* You can now set to have the Identifier filed sorted Alphabetically (default) or Numerically, depending on how you wish to use it.
* You can now set a different currency symbol other than $
* Can select to use a ; instead of a , to separate multiple calibers for a firearm
* You can now sort by Serial
* Accessories now have a Location box to list where it's stored
* You can now select to view only Personal firearms, Business firearms or both when doing reports.
* Can now skip first line when importing .csv file, in case it's a Header line
* You can now export a .csv file of your Ammo inventory
* Accessory images copy over correctly when syncing from Mobile
* You can now filter to show only firearms with a past due maintenance date
* Fixed bug where free users could import more than 10 firearms in Free version
* Maintenance tab grid now sorts by Date properly
* Setting a date using Date Fields no longer deselects current firearm
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