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Originally Posted by Stingray View Post
My favorite part of the CP version is how customizable you are making it - making your own collection templates, duplicating them, customizing the form fields, editing saved lists - great features! Moving an item from one collection to another will also be very handy.

Overall CP feels 'smoother' (for lack of a better description) over the dated looking JE. I'm looking forward to permanently moving my collection from JE to the new CP.
Thanks. I fixed the missing pictures with the move and have completed the events and maintenance tabs. These will be in the next release. Just a couple of more features to go but they are big. I am looking forward to building a “custom reports” tool to allow you to select what fields to include. You won’t be able to arrange the location of the fields but at least you will be able to choose them.

Thanks again for your testing.
Clay Pryor LLC
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