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What would you say are the advantages over the "old" Ray-Vin stand ?

I own a Ray-Vin and have been extremely pleased with all aspects. The tapered "well drilling" threads on the 1" stainless post make it a breeze to keep tight, yet disassemble with ease. The three legs are similar to what you show, yet the Ray-Vin appears lighter without sacrificing any of the things you note. I also like the Ray-Vin scope mount, quite easy.

The above said, I was very disappointed to see how the Ray-Vin design changed when ownership went from Ray to Creedmoor. Ray's stand is well designed and made to last. It's a shame that is no longer available, IMO. I went to Creedmoore to buy a pole extension a few years back and learned they are no longer stainless steel. No sale, I went to a machine shop and had them make me an extension.

However, I agree, IMO, I have not seen a "good" stand currently available.
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