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Default MN "Appleseed" shoots

Not affiliated with the CMP but another chance to get some hands-on range time and training. We've had a few folks show up to the Harris shoots who have been to an "Appleseed" event and by all accounts it was a worthwhile experience that aided them greatly in CMP competition.

The Appleseed program strives to teach rifle marksmanship to folks of all sorts, from novice shooters to advanced. You will receive direct instruction in many of the skills directly applicable to CMP/NRA rifle competition including proper use of slings, natural point of aim, shooting rapid fire with reloads and shooting accurately from different positions and lots of live fire practice on the line. Haven't personally attended one yet, but hope to make the March event in Waite Park. For more detailed information, follow the links on the site or contact one of the Minnesota Appleseed forum advisors.
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