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The "original" rifle was an AR15 (armalite 15). The M16 was the next rifle issued with the "A1" about a year later with forward assist etc.

Now being as the basis for the current (M16A4 (Marines) and the M4 & M4A1) rifles and carbines is basically identical to the original riles with a few doo dads added on (better feed ramps, rails and all kinds of tacti-cool stuff) it's still basically the same rifle. Like saying a 327 Chevy small-block (stock) isn't the same basic engine as a fuel injected supercharged one.

Newer designs are using piston operating systems.. (back to the future?) too much stuff gets blown back into the receiver for reliable extended operation. Couple that with the pencil barrels (M4) as the original M16s had you get malfunctions. Notice the M4A1 is going back to the original full-auto.

Yes the M1 had a few years before WWII to iron some kinks out, and the M16 should have had more development before being issued to the troops in a combat zone but that doesn't change the basic weapon. It is what it is.
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