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Please continue to define what you mean by "failing". Does it move part way and then stop? Does it fail to move at all? Is it just sluggish rather than smooth and easy as you expect?

Did you apply grease everywhere necessary?

In my few conversations with CMP armorers, they didn't seem to place a lot of finality to failing a tilt test. Their response to me usually was along the lines of "See how it shoots". Perhaps you should consider doing this?

Is it possible that you can simply file away the area that is rubbing? I know this subject was addressed already, and I know you feel that it should not be done, but it doesn't seem like chasing this rabbit further down the hole to solve the mystery will be beneficial short of replacing the barrel, which you don't want to do.

Relieving the rub area of the band is what I would do at this point. I've seen several lower bands and ferrules worked over in this manner.

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