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Originally Posted by USAAF View Post
So the racks are near empty with nothing left to refill racks ? Scary.
I was there on the 11 th and it was fairly busy morning. Took only one home thinking when another truck comes I could get one more, if that two per year at the North store holds out.
When we got there yesterday morning the first rack was full of service Springfield and H&R , the second was about 3/4 full , that’s where I go my IH , so I’m guessing it was all IH ? Over by the window where you turn your paperwork in there was a rack I did not look at . My dad said they were all more expensive.
With the amount of people that were there and still coming I would imagine they were pretty low on stock by the end of the day if they don’t have more rifles
They had some field grades also , but if I remember right no more than 3/4 of the rack was full .

I guess a question for the regulars would be , is everything usually full on a Thursday morning?

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