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Default Recent scope purchases - Originals? How to clean & repair them?

I managed to win a small lot of scopes on auction, and they finally arrived today.

Lot was for 2x M73B1, 1x M82, and 1x M84. All but the M82 have what I think are the correct rings for an A4, and the 82 has what I hope is a USGI M1C mount.

Now, to be honest, I'm incredibly unfamiliar with optic maintenance and care. I've never really considered trying to get originals due to overall rarity and cost, but jumped at the chance to have such a wide range. I paid 3.3k in the end (hammer price was 2.8k, and I know a few folks here were also watching this auction).

Are all these originals? What should I do about the rust (especially on the M82)? I was thinking of a nylon brush with oil, but like I said, I don't know much and want to treat them right. I'd be happy if anyone can point me to a restoration company they thought would be up for handling these.

M73B1 #1: - serial # & model - overall scope - dirty glass -poor crosshair pic, but they look ok? - faint electropenciling

M73B1 #2: - scope - nicer electropenciling - broken crosshairs

M82: - serial & model #, so much rust - whole scope - other side - optics - Anyone got Garand #3,447,468?
I couldn't get a pic of it, but the mount has 2 lines of print. The Griffith & Howe name and then the patent # and date on the 2nd.

M84: - serial & model # - whole scope - worst spot of rust on this one - crosshairs look good - rubber is cracking a bit...

Oh, this...lens filter? was also included: I think it fits the Weaver scopes.

Overall, did I do alright with this? I know it wasn't the greatest purchase ever, but just hoping I was "in the ballpark" for value and didn't overspend too much. Also a bit sad that the one M73B1 has broken crosshairs, but that's the risk with these sorts of purchases. I'll probably keep all but one of the M73B1s, but I'll have to decide about repairing the one before selling. I've got a 1903A4 with a Lyman Alaskan B series scope on it currently, and I'm tempted to swap on that M84.

......Pretty sure I need an M1C now too.

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