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I cleaned up some of the scopes over the last few days. Here's the M84 after scouring the rust spot with a copper pipe fitting (I didn't have any old pennies around) and some copper solvent.

And the scope overall after a gentle rubbing with cleaner and light oil:

I posted nicer of the two M73s for sale, since I'll probably keep the worn one for a project piece. The thing I did notice is that the lettering on the worn one wiped out unlike all the others. I wonder if the ink was removed ages ago and a previous owner just colorblocked the stamping? Would there be a "correct" fill for it I could get?

The M82 is proving to be a bit difficult. I would ideally get it off the mount to clean them both up separately, but I realized one set of the mounting screws are staked in. That's probably beyond me to remove, so I'm talking with Columbus Machine Works about them handling it. Not sure why just one set was staked and not the other...
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