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This thread is mixing some elements of the application for a MD applicant. Specifically
#3 - Marksmanship or other Firearms Related Activity
#4 - Legal Eligibility to purchase a Firearm

I personally know someone that used his HQL for #3 in Round 1 and CMP accepted it as proof as "familiarity with safe handling" but specifically called out in the list items "Firearms Owner Identification Card that includes live fire training". I do not speak for the CMP but he as a nice 1911 and I saw it.

I do not have a C&R and to purchase any handgun including a C&R in MD, I do have an HQL. I provided my HQL for #4 Legal Eligibility to purchase a firearm. I submitted a photocopy as proof I can legally purchase a handgun in MD. Yes, I know I can check C&R on my 77R at the FFL once the FFL in MD receives the 1911.

But the CMP requested the following as part of #4 which I read as requesting my HQL for their requirements:
Important: If your State or locality requires you first obtain a license, permit, Firearms Owner ID card or COE in order to posses or receive a pistol, you must include a photo copy of your license, permit or card with the application.

The OP did not mention which item he was asking using the HQL for.

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