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Originally Posted by j634 View Post
This thread is mixing some elements of the application for a MD applicant. Specifically
#3 - Marksmanship or other Firearms Related Activity
#4 - Legal Eligibility to purchase a Firearm

I personally know someone that used his HQL for #3 in Round 1 and CMP accepted it as proof as "familiarity with safe handling" but specifically called out in the list items "Firearms Owner Identification Card that includes live fire training". I do not speak for the CMP but he as a nice 1911 and I saw it.

I do not have a C&R and to purchase any handgun including a C&R in MD, I do have an HQL. I provided my HQL for #4 Legal Eligibility to purchase a firearm. I submitted a photocopy as proof I can legally purchase a handgun in MD. Yes, I know I can check C&R on my 77R at the FFL once the FFL in MD receives the 1911.

But the CMP requested the following as part of #4 which I read as requesting my HQL for their requirements:
Important: If your State or locality requires you first obtain a license, permit, Firearms Owner ID card or COE in order to posses or receive a pistol, you must include a photo copy of your license, permit or card with the application.

The OP did not mention which item he was asking using the HQL for.
It’s possible to obtain an HQL without live fire training, like by having previously owned a regulated firearm lawfully or having completed any hunter safety course. I don’t know if CMP has a policy of flat out accepting HQLs for proof of marksmanship activity or if they want supporting documentation that it was obtained with a live fire method.

Originally Posted by CadillacMike View Post
I thought that the CMP was not treating these M1911s as special i.e. C&R items. Being a handgun, you Still need to take final delivery from a (non C&R) FFL
CMP isn’t allowed to transfer them to an FFL03, but the receiving FFL01 can.

MD requires the state handgun license to take possession of a modern handgun, but C&R handguns are exempt from that state requirement.

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